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Bowen Therapist, Meditation Facilitator, Intuitive Readings, Apply Yourself to Your Life Workshop Facilitator, Crystal Readings

Barbara Gilbery originally hails from the Scottish Highlands, but has made Australia her home for the past 30 something years while still, of course, having a deep connection to her Highland homeland.
In the last 25 years she has taken the path of intuitive knowing, learning and developing herself as well as others. Her natural story telling abilities enhances working from the heart space in her meditations. Her enthusiasm for sharing and her joy of teaching results in a motivation to help people find their own natural space within.

The path will always lead you some place if you want it to ...

B. Gilbery

Therapy and Services provided by Barbara

Bowen Therapist, Meditation Facilitator, Intuitive Readings, Apply Yourself to Your Life Workshop Facilitator, Crystal Light Healings®

Meditation Facilitator

A regular meditation group is conducted weekly at my rooms and out in the community where required. In the past I have worked with youth conducting meditation with primary and high school students, and at special days organised by schools. One of my favourite sayings is from Sarah McLean, meditation teacher, who said, "A good meditation is the one you do." Another saying I love is from an unknown source.
"Meditation is not another thing to do; it is an invitation to stop doing." I, myself, prefer guided meditations and that is why my participants encouraged me to make my guided meditation CD, "Finding the Gentle Heart Space." My story telling comes into the guidance. I was also encouraged in doing meditation with younger children to write my book, "Abby Helps Make it Happen."

This year the meditation retreats began at the lovely Lomonthyme Lodge in the Tasmanian wilderness - see retreats for details.

Bowen Therapist

Bowen Therapy is very much the "gentle therapy." I work through the clothing, so there is no need to 'strip off!' Bowen is a hands-on therapy that moves your fascia where it is "glued up". This helps release it and gives more freedom of movement that can be caused by stress, pain or illness. The 'easy on the ears' explanation about your fascia is that it is like a large cobweb under the skin that encompasses your muscles and organs. It can become rather "glued up" at the cellular level, causing restrictions in movement and often pain.
Bowen therapy helps to release this and can give you better movement, and assist with pain. My clients come from all walks of life including builders, farmers, mothers, and teens. I even assist retiree's, now keen golfers!
Qualified at the Fascial Kinetics School of Bowen, I studied Bowen because it helped me so much many years ago with sciatica. Indeed it went away after three sessions, never to return! In between, it also helped with migraines I suffered for many years. Like any therapy it is good to find a therapist with whom you gel, and like any therapy it may not be for everyone. However, I have never had anyone say they wouldn't be back for "top ups" after the initial course of treatment.

Crystal Readings

Using combined energy from the crystals to tap into your own energy and awareness, we can identify areas that may be consciously or unconsciously holding us from moving forward. All crystal healers, once qualified, start in a similar way and then build upon it to develop their own technique.
Because of this, no two healers work in the exact same way. As I connect with you I can recognise where your energy has slowed or is not flowing to the best of its ability and why that may be. It may be due to times in our life that are still perhaps not flowing out from our cellular memories or from past life experiences, even those brought through from family at birth.
There are many reasons for us to be unconnected from certain times of our life. A crystal healing is very relaxing and can be enlightening, enabling us to have an 'ah ha' moment and move on.

Intuitive Readings

Readings can be done online as well as face-to-face. I use tarot cards but, once connected, there is always more to come through than what the cards say. I prefer to see where you are going on your journey rather than look at past issues.

This is because I believe we are to be in the moment and looking onwards rather than remaining in the past. It is all about how we respond to life rather than react to it. Therefore, if you are a bit 'stuck' in what or where you are going with your path of life or need a block recognised, a reading will not take the control away from you, but rather give guidance.

Workshops and Public Speaking

Barbara conducts many workshops ranging from one hour to one day and is available for public speaking for corporate, festivals events and schools.
All her workshops are on the motivation to change perspective on how we see things if they are no longer working for us, and the onwards journey.
Her life experiences, travel and study have brought and taught her much. Her lilting Scottish accent makes her talks, workshops and meditations interesting, funny and informative."

Barbara originally hails from the Scottish Highlands, but has made Australia her home for the past 30 something years while still, of course, having a deep connection to her Highland homeland ...

Guided Meditation Retreats

REGULAR Two day retreatS, alternatively they can be arranged around your preference if you wish longer. Conducted in groups by Barbara and experienced meditation facilitator, the retreats are held at the lovely Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat in the Tasmanian wilderness.

Make the retreat part of your holiday to Tasmania and the Cradle Mountain area. Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat (visit the Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat website), Devonport and surrounds are not far from Cradle Mountain. Or, just take time out for the weekend to come and be at peace and delve within.

Accommodation and all food (vegetarian for the retreat days) are inclusive of the price. Log cabins are shared, all have two rooms, all single beds unless a couple then queen bed can be arranged or if you prefer your own room there is additional cost.
Warm cozy fires, many nature walks, great food, set in amongst the trees of the old forest wilderness rainforest temperament.

Price depends on time of year.

What happens at the retreat? Over the course of the two days frequent meditations, guided by Barbara, time with like-minded folk, often a short workshop however not compulsory. Sometimes in the silence is where we have our greatest awareness.

On each day you have some free time to explore the beautiful surrounds or just sit by the fire or on the deck. For more information contact Barbara.


Guided Meditation Retreat October 14th & 15th

Book for our next Guided Meditation Retreat

When? A two night two day retreat coming up October 14th & 15th. Book early to secure your spot cost $250.00 includes all meals and accommodation.
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Meditation retreat

I have thoroughly enjoyed every meditation retreat facilitated by Barb Gilbery at Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat in North West Tasmania. Set in this beautiful location I found that I became more and more relaxed with each meditation session. My mind and body felt peaceful as it recalibrated in nature. I felt safe and protected in circle as I explored and reflected on my inner world. I find Barb to be an experienced and gifted healer who draws from a wealth of knowledge and ancient wisdom to carefully craft and guide each meditation session. The meditation retreats always include a range of meditation experiences, such as guided imagery, silent meditation, connecting to nature, smoke ceremony, and drumming, inspirational cards and self-time in between the homely vegetarian meals. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who has a busy life and needs to reconnect with nature and self.

Dr Judi Parson
Geelong VIC


Whether you are new to meditation retreats, or have done many, I couldn’t recommend Barbara’s two day meditations highly enough. I flew from northern NSW to Tasmania to attend the retreat and I wasn’t disappointed. Barbara’s beautiful voice takes you on a journey as she guides you into a calm and scenic mediations throughout the retreat. The silent contemplations throughout the weekend were wonderful and remembering just to sit in nature and listen, soothing. The retreat is held at a beautiful ‘tucked’ away lodge with lovely accommodation and to die for food. I would recommend these retreats to everyone.



"Stunning surroundings, fabulous food, wonderful walks, discerning discussions, guided meditations in a fairy-tale-like atmosphere with an experienced and thoughtful mediator; I love attending the retreats for a weekend with like-minded people that puts the focus on me and my spiritual path."

Louise Hollingbery

Barbara's enthusiasm for sharing and her joy of teaching results in a motivation to help people find their own natural space within ...

Barbara's Shop

Shop items currently available to purchase are listed below:

"Gently Opening The Heart Space"

CD: (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT - new CD available soon!) This CD may be used by beginners or experienced meditators to assist you look for that space within to find peace, calm and perhaps some answers for your forward journey as you travel through life. These quiet travels are to help you stop for a while and get lost in your own story with imagination in the present moment.

CD Reviews:

"This is a lovely foray into meditation whether you are a first timer or not. The calm rhythmic tone of Barbara's voice is soothing to the soul as it takes you to places you have never been to before."   (Jenni, Australia)

"I have listened to quite a few guided meditation CDs, and this is my favorite by far. Barbara's voice is gentle and mesmerizing, the visual images and journeys she creates are utterly captivating."   (Joanne Glover, Australia)

"The first thing about Barb's meditiation CD that strikes you is how her beautiful energy comes through when you first hear her voice. It oozes warmth and personality and just wraps you up and takes you on a journey with her. The visualisations throughout the guided meditation are just wonderful, I was really able to see some of the wondrous sights and really immerse myself thanks to Barb's fantastic story telling skills. This is a guided meditation that I would recommend for anyone, especially great for beginners as it really is like a best friend taking your hand and showing you the way. The only thing I did not like about the CD was that it came to an end.... I could have just listened to Barb's voice forever."   (Monique, NSW, Australia)



To purchase, contact Barb for further info - !

"Abby Helps Make it Happen"

Book: This book is for ages 5 to 12 years. The story follows Abby trying to help make a wish happen after overhearing two ladies talking on a bus.It helps children remain positive and there are some hints at the end of how to do this.

To purchase, contact Barb for further info - !